Weymouth Bricks Buy, Sell, Find a Brick

How We Got Started:

Who buys Legos; parents with kids buy Legos; do parents with kids have money - no;

How do I get an affordable  price ?

So Being a retired Papa on SSI, I wanted to buy Legos for my Grandkids. So I went out to all the big box stores, walked in the door, saw the prices, (and said to my self O.M.G.) turned around and walked out the door. How do I get an affordable  price ?  So I started this as a hobby, then it became fun, and now it still fun, and well it got just a little bigger, ( it took over the family room ), and now we have this online store.

"Lego at prices your grandmother can afford"

We are cheaper than the stores, 99 % of the time.